Welcome to “Paris Lutte” wrestling club

Paris Lutte is a hetero-friendly LGBT organization created in 1999. Our affiliation to the highly successful municipal wrestling club of Bagnolet grants us access to qualified coaches, a spacious combat room (three large permanent mats… almost unique in France) and to the French federal wrestling licence for our members.

We cultivate leisure practice and interclub exchanges in a friendly atmosphere, with occasional tournaments.

Our sessions take place twice a week (new, since fall 2014):
- at 2:30 pm on Saturdays in the city of Bagnolet near Paris, accessible by metro. The program includes warmup, technical practice, combats and stretching. We then proceed to the showers, exit at 5:15 pm and have a drink in a nearby cafe.
- at 8:00 pm on Tuesdays in Paris, 9th arrondissement (without shoes, the place being a martial arts dojo).

Wrestling requires suppleness and skill, more than strength. Pairings are made according to weight, so, all body sizes are welcome, even under 130 lbs. The training is energetic. The so-called “freestyle” olympic wrestling, which we practice, involves the whole body including the legs, unlike greco-roman wrestling which is played at torso and arms level. The locks and strangleholds of pro wrestling and “submission” wrestling (or grappling) don’t belong in freestyle wrestling.

It’s feasible to join at any time during the season, without special gear: T-shirt, shorts and socks. Instructions for the trial session is provided in French on this site and possibly in English upon demand (use the Contact tab). Visitor wrestlers from abroad are welcome (keep in mind, though, that the coaching instructions are given in French).

See you soon on the mat!

Paris Lutte Wrestling week-end June, 9th-10th 2012

Salle de combat

Week-end camp open to everyone: two 3-hours-long afternoon sessions with gym, gym, olympic freestyle techniques and competitive games.

Advance registration appreciated (no registration fee). Group dinner on saturday night. Fill out the form here and get more details. See you soon on the mat!


Registration is closed, the event being past us now… We had fun, see you next time! ;-)